¿Que Tal Miami!

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Miami with its mix of ethnicities provides a variety of cuisines, arts, architectures, economies, sports and popular attractions, such as the beaches, sports venues, theaters, shopping centers and so much more. The main purpose of "Qué Tal Miami?" is to showcase Miami as a cultural city, rich and diverse with a multitude of attractions

Daisy Cedeño

Daisy is a bilingual television and radio personality. She is the hostess and producer for a variety of programming in both television and radio... (More)

Ray Guiu

Ray began his career in film, television, and radio commercials as a teenager. Since then, he has hosted several television shows such as:... (More)

Patricia Culver Sherrill

Patricia is a citizen of the world who has lived and traveled all around the globe. Patricia has enjoyed exploring different foods and... (More)

Natalie Cassvan

Natalie is first and foremost “La Aventurera Intrépida” (The Fearless Adventurer). Her larger-than-life personality and zest for life have... (More)